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July has arrived and so have our new Monthly Newsletter!  Our newsletter will showcase new arrivals, popular styles and markdowns and updates that will apprear on the site and blog!

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Why did I Choose to Open a Boutique?

I chose to open a boutique because I couldn’t get hired. I have two degrees; 1. Associates of Arts and 2. Bachelor of Communications/Marketing. How can I, NOT get hired? People said your degree is too broad, it needs to focus on a specific role. I applied for manager positions at 4 different beauty counters at the mall. I kept hearing the same old “You have a lot of experience for a job like this”, what they’re really saying is “You’re over qualified”. I’ve applied for, Data Entry positions and even my old job of 5 years prior, at Starbucks did not respond back! I got tired of hearing all of the same things or hearing nothing at all. It didn’t...

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