Why did I Choose to Open a Boutique?

I chose to open a boutique because I couldn’t get hired. I have two degrees; 1. Associates of Arts and 2. Bachelor of Communications/Marketing. How can I, NOT get hired?

People said your degree is too broad, it needs to focus on a specific role. I applied for manager positions at 4 different beauty counters at the mall. I kept hearing the same old “You have a lot of experience for a job like this”, what they’re really saying is “You’re over qualified”. I’ve applied for, Data Entry positions and even my old job of 5 years prior, at Starbucks did not respond back! I got tired of hearing all of the same things or hearing nothing at all. It didn’t make sense to me.

So, I decided to work for myself. I adore fashion and creating a look. I love creating my look. I have my own style. Some people hate It, most love It. Either way it’s me. That’s how we all should be, creative and carefree. That’s just my opinion. Stay true to yourself and live your life. What others think of you, is not your business. Fashion should be fun and not taken too serious. You do you, boo!

I empowered myself and picked myself up and created a space where I can be me. Casual to semi luxe styles. That’s me and a plethora of others! I like to say I have a “eclectic and classy” style. I like different things. I don’t like what everyone else likes all the time. My “haus” is open to all people and styles to make you, you! I offer items to empower and uplift. However, you may feel in between. Welcome to Haus of Renee Boutique!

Pearls, Please!


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