Welcome to my HAUS!

Haus of Reneé Boutique is an extension of my closet. Clothing, I love that I can create different looks with clothes. I have the freedom to be me. Pieces you may see on the site may be a little different than what you may see from the big retailers. I won't name any names but I enjoy quality in my clothes. Some pieces may be edgy, some on trend and some things may just be basic! 2 piece sets you can dress up or down. We are women with children and women without children but there are times when we need a quick outfit. We dont have time think about that to put together. Easy Wear 2 piece sets are great for that.

I'm a woman and mom who don't want to lose her style. As women and we tend to do that. Especially, moms! I didn't want to lose me. Getting dressed is self care for me. I want to empower woman/mothers to help them feel good about themsleves again. When we feel good, we look good and that makes me a better mom and woman and friend when I take care of myself.

We all have those days when we want to play up our style, days where we want to look cute but not so much effort i.e. Target Run! Or, just chill days. No matter what it’s all good quality, elcetic and classy pieces thats affordable and makes us look and feel good. That’s here in my Haus!

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