About Us

I come from the gritty streets of North Philadelphia. Growing up was fun but it wasn’t easy. I graduated high school, attended Community College of Philadelphia then, graduated from The University of Phoenix with a 3.9 GPA! 


My education and experience wasn’t enough or was too much in the average 9-5 work world. I worked a few jobs but wanted to put my Bachelors in Communications- Marketing to use. However, I couldn’t get hired. 

Growing up I always wanted something of my own. Something I created and to be proud of. That is why I started Haus of Reneé Boutique. 

 Haus of Reneé Boutique caters to the quality woman with the love of streetwear but elevated. We like to call it Street-Chic.  Growing up in the city of Philadelphia in the hood in the 90's Aaliyah era we loved wearing our sweatsuits, tiny tops with baggy jeans and Timbs. To this day we still love the same styles.  As a grown woman now living in the 21st century, we love to pair our outfit with our favorite lipstick, heels and wine! Can't forget the wine.

  We are about street-comfort, sophistication, classy and chic. We could be going into the city for coffee or to a winery with our friends wearing our baggy mom jeans with an oversized blazer. We like to bring the chic to the streets. We enjoy the different trends but never too trendy. Sticking to our roots make us comfortable and always keeping it real. The HRB Ladies loves a little bit of everything. The streets is our runway.  We are for the woman who creates her own lane. She wants great quality in everything! Quality won’t sacrifice style or comfort!

 So, come on in! Welcome to my HAUS!